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"New Engine" Best ET & Speeds

Best ET 11.626 @ 119.86  mph on Saturday 9/22/2001 9:35 pm

Environment: In about 70+ degrees ( and very humid ) @ Lebanon Valley Dragway

This was done with the "program de jour" that I had created for my nitrous run.

I did this with my stock size 24# svo injectors which I re-installed this week. (removing the new 34#rs)

I activated the nitrous some time after launching.

My car number (as always) is 911.

I cut a "perfect" .500 light, and ran my best (so far!) ET of 11.626 @ 119.86


Original (Stock) Engine Bests are below

Best 1/4 Mile Time To Date: 12.005 seconds @ 115.06 mph on 05/02/01

One week later - Boom! Engine blows.

( Running NOS,  and BFGs at 16-17#s, fronts @ 40#s) and had wheel hop - tires too low

Best engine only 1/4 Run....: 13.216  seconds @ 103.9 mph on 10/30/99

Best ET & MPH Time Slip to date (Actual Scanned copy) below

bestet.jpg (58812 bytes)