Rebuilt 355 LT1 Motor with... Forged steel Crank, Rods, Pistons (for Nitrous), bottom end ARP Studs,
New GM LT4 Conversion Package with heads, Hotcam,
Intake (ported to match 58mm Throttle Body), 1.6 Roller Rockers and the go together goodies,
Edelbrock 58MM Throttle Body

Hooker Long Tube Coated Headers
Mufflex Y Pipe utilizing the Flowmaster 3-4" Y Pipe
Mufflex 4" Mandrel Bent Pipe to
4" In Spintech Muffler with dual 3" outs
Polyurethane Bushings and new endlinks for sway bar
36# Accel Injectors
Accel 375+ Ignition Regulator for win switch, retard, etc.
NOS Goodies - blanket and heater

NOS Nitrous 5176 Kit (150 shot-modified to 175hp)
K&N Cold Air Intake
GM Motive Ring & Pinion Gears 3.73 Ratio
SLP Torque Converter in Stock A4 (4L60) with B&M Trickshift fluid, larger TCI Cast Alum Pan, B&M tranny cooler
Accel 300+ Racing Digital Ignition Box

The ecm programming was done myself with the aid of tunercat software
I also still use Diacom Software on an old laptop to record runs
I run stock wheels with BFG Drag Radials on back, and Firestone SZ50's on the street

Remote Bottle Opener, and button, knock sensor bypass switch,

3.73 GM ring & pinion gears, SLP (~800rpm Higher Stall) Torque Converter (Launch is @ 2700 rpm),
Manual Secondary Cooling Fan Switch, T-Body Coolant Bypass Mod,
TPIS Adjustible Fuel Regulator and gauge, SVO Fuel Injectors,
Accel 300+ digital multispark ignition and high output coil, TPIS Plug Wires,
Champion 2 degree colder spark plugs with .010 smaller gap for complete NOS burn,
Two extra stock rims with  BFG drag radials for the track and Firestone SZ50s for daily drivers,
Intellitronix Digital Gauges for Fuel Pressure and air / fuel mix on pod mounted on the A-Pillar,
Added "racing"(Very lightweight) fog lights
Has an extra transmission temp gauge - not installed yet.
Castrol Syntec Synthetic Oil, Mobil 1 Synthetic Rearend Lube with positraction additive,
B&M Trick Shift in Tranny, 
hypertech 160 powerstat and 1 bottle RedLine Water Wetter with 15% coolant and demineralized water,

EPROM changes ( Removed Rev limits in ecm, set to 6K on Acell ignition ),
POR 20 paint (silver) on axle/reardend and black on other underside parts,
TCI Cast Aluminum Tranny Pan for added cooling and easier fluid changing - contains 2 extra qts of fluid,
B&M Tranny cooler - I installed this on the passenger side in front of the radiator. I got the thin version to be sure it would fit easy.

GTech Pro. The G Tech lets me test the car out on the street since it tells me when I have reached the 1/4 mile and I can decelerate. Using these tools,

I have adjusted my TV cable to my tranny to help the car adjust to shifting with the new gears.

I have also realized that it runs better in Drive or ("3") position instead of  overdrive or "D" position when running the 1/4.

I installed a switch and a diode so that I can control the secondary fan from the driver seat without disabling the ecm's control.  

did the cheap mod, "Throttle Body Coolant Bypass".   Instead of trying to get the passenger side of the throttle body hose, I just rerouted it and plugged it. I bought a 8" hose and spliced it onto the driver side hose and ran it to the orignal upper connector. This mod keeps coolant from flowing into the throttle body. This is supposed to cool down the intake air, creating a few more ponies. I have seen other people's dyno tests of this mod yeilding an extra 6 - 8 hp. It was easy to do when I realized that I didn't have to get the hose off of the passenger side throttle body. I have included two  pictures showing this mod with the two hoses capped off and the re-routing of the new hose in link above.

cdrom version of popular mechanics ( for my car. Along with the haynes manual, I can get good info now.

extra memcal. extra computer (just in case there is ever an issue since parts can be harder to find with classic cars)

the eraser and programmer for eproms, the idc50m to adapt it to memcals,

Installed my new TCI cast alum tranny pan and replaced the lost fluid with B&M Trick Shift fluid.

used Roger Heflin's "Promdump.exe" program to figure out the correct checksum for the chip.



New LT4 heads, New LT4 manifold (ported to New edelbrock 58mm Throttlebody),

GM's "HotCam", Chevy stamped 1.6 rockers

Forged steel Crank, New 3D Plus Blue Cat  Rods (to handle 700hp), and forged Pistons (to handle nitrous),

Accel 36# Pintle Injectors to better handle the 400-425 hp engine with high pressure nitrous (+175 jetting)

delay/window switch  system (mallory)

Adjusted the govenour springs so that the shift points are higher. It used to shift at around 6000 under nitrous before.

(Using my "C.A.T.S. Engine Tuner" software)

This setup is based mainly on an article in Chevy High Performance Magazine where an LT1 engine was treated to lt4 heads, hotcam, rockers and long tube headers, and 52mm throttle body.  Engine had no accessories attached or mufflers/cats.  This new setup can handle much higher revs and gave 429hp at around 6100 and 425hp at 6400 with plenty of torque along the way.

Chevy High Performance Article  page 1  page 2  page 3

The new engine was still in the shrink wrap sitting in the back of their van. I modified the rpm cutouts, fans temps, injector rate, cylinder volume, and target idles for park and drive. I created a second bin(B) that was the same, but kept the stock idle values and changed the injector rate from 36.4 to 36.1.