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Here are some pictures of my everyday driver and weekend romper, My Lil' Demon...

You can't see it too well but...  It says "FORMULA" on her windshield and "Lil' Demon" on her rear hatchback...

This is the view that all those mudstains see as I pass them!

Offset Side View of My Lil Demon 1993 Formula Rear says "Lil' Demon"
Can you say, I'm H U N G R Y ? This shows the 5 switches in my drivers compartment.  The dark blue one in front of the shifter is the nitrous activator which can be covered up by the ashtray cover. The silver one on the right is for the remote nitrous bottle opener/closer. The dark one in front of it is to bypass the knock sensor (eliminates the false knock). These are pretty much hidden when the emergency brake handle is down. The two switches on top are for the fog lights (blue) and the secondary fan bypass (turns it on even if the computer doesnt have it on). This has really helped me keep her cool in hot racing conditions.
I'm Hungry! The switches installed on my Formula

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