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Here is a partial log of what has happened in the Racing Life of My Lil' Demon...

Stock ...                  Best ET was 14.45 @ 93              Stock (275 hp)

Air Mods               ET was 13.7 @ 100 mph                K&N Cold Air, Air charger, 160 Thermo, Dynomax, dump ...

Best Stock             ET  12.005 @ 115.06 mph            With everything

New Engine & NOS   11.626  @  120 mph

Diacom Graphs and data files are here!

I also bought a G-Tech Pro over the winter, so I will post  figures as I come up with them.

7/99 - 13.16 @ 112 G Tech on street tires on street engine only.

Things to test out still...

New Tires, Drag Radials, 150 HP Nitrous, 3.73 Gears, SLP converter, etc...

8/25/99    3 test runs at LVD... Yielded a 13.793 @ 102 engine only run, and a 12.686 @ 115 NOS run

                These ET's were a bit dissapointing, but I blame them on a poor driver, ME.  I need more practice. Its all different launching a car with 3.73 gears and higher stall converter on real radials than last years, bald radials (acting more like slicks - I could burn the heck out of em) and 3.23 gears and stock converter.  The good news - The NOS FINALLY worked! Its been a year since I got it installed, and I finally got my first real 1/4 out of it. I have to get a new switch for the WOT and FP safety switch since Howard Tanner ("Redline Racing"), who installed the NOS system, 'lost' them on me. BTW, I definately DO NOT recommend this jerk. I installed two new gauges for FP, and Air/Fuel Mix, but hardly glanced at them since I was so nervous about running the NOS with the new injectors... I was just trying to "feel" for any problems, so that I could hit the switch back off if I needed to (since I had no WOT switch).  I'm going to do a little more "Launch practice" at the redlights so I'm more ready for next week. Next week: Drag Radials are back on.

9/1/99  New Best Time ever!  4 Runs. two engine, and one NOS.  Engine time is still dissapointing at same old 13.7 but NOS lost 1.4 seconds off of that for 12.337 @ 115.41 mph. NOS kicks butt!  BUT! I still am looking over the data and evaluating problems. The torque converter lockup probably needs to be shifted, and I was getting 9 spark counts on the Diacom which slowed me as well. I will have to research WHY this is happening and how to stop it (BESIDES dumping racing fuel in it.)

9/12/99 After extensive testing, I concluded that I was getting "False Knock" and setup a switch to bypass the Knock Sensor.

9/15/99 Using the new Bypass sensor switch, I should hike up my timing curve quite a bit and improve performance.

9/25/99 Bypass switch is working well. No knock retard now. The Converter is still slowing acceleration when it locks though. This will be a winter task. I will have to get an eprom eraser, programmer, and an extra chip.

10/09/99 Best all time engine run by Josey 13.6xx, and best all time NOS run by me, 12.062 @ 114.67. My NOS tank pressure was low and so was the fuel pressure (in the high 70s) with 20#s in  the drag radials and 41 in the fronts. Next time, I'll try to lighten it up a bit more by yanking the spare tire maybe and get my bottle pressure up by warming it up on the way to the track. (I started the day with 600#s of pressure. It was cold out (around 55-65 degrees) I'd like to inch into 11's! I took 4 runs today and Josey had three I believe. My other ETs were 12.23, 12.10, 12.14. I had a little tire spin AFTER my launch a couple times and an odd hesitation in first gear. I'm not sure what caused this yet.

10/16/99 New Best ET on Engine. Couldn't pull off a best for NOS. Only had 2 runs, but I found out that my integrator values were not adjusted quickly enough on my first run which must have thrown off my fuel curve. So, I tried to warm up the car and the O2 sensors more the next time. Took out the spare, jack, rear panel, removed nose panel under air filter and blocked hole next to it. This was done for the track only, and Josey managed to urge her down to a best of 13.3 ET.

10/30/99 Last Test & Tune of the year for Lebanon Valley Dragway. We had a blast. Josey got in 7 runs, and I got five, two of which were on engine alone since the bottle ran out. They let us stay late (after 8pm) because the gamblers were taking so long. Both Josey and I hit alltime best ETs on the engine alone. My best was a 13.216 @ 103.9 mph. Josey also hit a 13.2xx.  Now as I look back, at my other track runs, I realize that I got 9 runs out of the bottle. (4,2,3) over these last three weeks. The last two runs went 1 tenth and 2 tenths slower than the normal 12.0 / 12.1 range with a 12.2 and then a 12.3. I am going to have to keep better track of my runs next year so that if I DO get lucky again and get more runs in, I will be ready to take advantage of it. In other words, keep that bottle FULL if possible before race day. A side note: I also saw the person who installed my NOS kit at the track and he brought his brand new corvette with one mod: K&N filter. He ran a 13.3. He left while we were still running 13.3s. Wait till he finds out that my old 93 beat his $ 55,000 vette by a tenth.

Getting ready for Season 2K...

5/3/00 First Test at the track for the year!  I took 4 runs (Josey got 2 as well). I did 1 on the engine, and everything was fine (except the driver was rusty as hell). I did have a problem when I was on the gas though. I am getting a "sag" in the top end of first gear. It kind of "chokes". It spikes up to close to the shift point, then drops on its face LOSING 6 mph, then it goes again fine... Kind of like it doesnt know if it should shift yet or not. All 3 runs gave the same results on the diacom. I've been going over the data, but nothing jumps out at me. My only theories are A) injector locking, B)tranny pressure not quite right. And so, my times were off by .3 seconds, yielding 12.3's instead of the 12.0s of last year. Oh yeah - and for the heck of it, I changed my TCC lockup from 85 (in both chips from factory) to 92 (listed in Z28s) and it seemed to be a bit smoother (with less leveling of rpms, but I will keep playing with this to find the optimum. I also want to change the fan temp turn on for the primary so I dont have to keep flipping the switch on the secondary fan manually.

5/31/00 Took her up to the valley and the first run out, she beat my all time fastest ET. The traction was great. Too great actually, since I had the tires a little low for this sticky track. She ran a 12.030 sec. @ 113.90 mph. Here is the timeslip. I was very happy. Diacom looked good too. We got a lot of runs in tonight. I have 5 run slips and I think Josey got just as many. She didn't go as well on the engine tonight for Josey, but I never tried it.

8/30/00 Took two good nitrous passes and a couple on engine alone. 12.116 @ 114.63 mph was best with a 607 light. If only the track wasnt so sloppy by this time of the night... I couldnt get it to hook. I actually heard the tire pounding the road (hopping) off the line. I didnt let off and waited for it to grip. She did, and still pulled a great et and mph. with a 1.817 60', this could have been a record run if not for the hop.

9/20/00 Decided to run completely "street" tonight, leaving the exhaust dump closed, and Firestone SZ50 tires on at 32#s all around - everyday driving conditions... Surprised myself with pretty good consistency in running pure street.   I won 4 rounds, and one round had a perfect (.500) light (1/2 second Reaction Time) and won. She obviously was a little off in ET, but it was fun none the less. I was one of the last 4 cars remaining of the night and blew it with not enough pressure on my brake, and red lighted. I hit the nitrous two times as well and ran 12.4s each time. Not bad for street tires and muffler.  This put me on the "Club .500" on the Lebanon Valley Dragway Website.  I wanted to get on it for winning a night, but maybe next year.

2001 Racing Season has begun with a bang!  5/02/01 - had 7 runs, and hit my alltime best so far with a 12.005 @ 115 and would have been better if I didnt have the rear tires TOO low (at 16-17#s) as a "test" since I had a bit of tire spin before that. 1.773 60' time About the only change I did was to buy the tuner cat software and adjust the fan temps, and pushed the injector constant up .2 #s/hr from 24.1 to 24.3. I noticed that the air/fuel gauge read on the rich side the whole time and the fuel pressure stayed within the 72-76 psi range. I will go over the diacom data more, but I bypassed the knock sensor so Im never going to be SURE that I dont hurt something when I do that. Oh - and I also changed all of my plugs - using the same champion 2 degree colder plug gapped at the same .040 (instead of stock .050) The old plugs had black soot around the edges which could be a sign of a rich mixture. Diacom O2s were around 900 at WOT. Next time, I may try to up the injector constant again to see if I can get the mixture more correct. I also do not think my fans were ever turning off as I had them set in ecm for threshold. I've also got to go shopping for nitrous - the place I used last year is gone and the others I know of were $5 or more / #.

5/2001 I made one run on engine fine, on second run I used nitrous and it didnt pull at the end the way it usually does, when I pulled off I found it smoking. The PCV valve was blown out of the valve cover and oil sprayed everywhere causing smoke under the hood. Oil was also being burned and smoking out the tail pipes. I put the diags on it and nothing much showed except that it was rich on that side. I put the valve back in, cleaned up the worst of the oil with a rag and drove her home. She had no power when I stepped on it anymore and made a buzzing sound instead. I figure that must be "pinging" in this engine. I must have burned holes through a couple pistons. My mechanic agreed and I decided to try to rebuild her as long as the block is ok, I wont machine it, but if the rings scored it - I will have to bring it out to 355. I've decided to upgraded to an LT-4 while I'm at it and make various upgrades to handle the new power and nitrous better. While this one is in the works, I'll be working on the Nova and the Charger.

After the engine break in comes Lil' Demon II - "The birth of an LT-4."

8/29/01  best ET  11.913 @ 120 mph........... best engine run 12.9x @ 105 mph

9/22/01 best ET @ 11.626 @ 119.8xx... Also cut a perfect light on the same run! Great day. Still not running the times and power I was expecting but it finally is showing signs of running faster than it did stock.

Year 2002

 May 1  Installed 36# injectors, MSD 3 Ignition Retard (for use with nitrous), NOS/Fuel jets (13.1s/12.2s)

4 runs on engine during competition went fine. no bad data. Lost .07 seconds when forced to block off exhaust dump. 13.1s

3 runs on nitrous. First I tried 073/042 jets with 6 degree retard. spun the tires, and hit rev limiter (6500 set in accel box)

2nd run, I dropped the nos jet to stock 067/042 and added another degree to knock retard - same result but less KR

3rd run - I missed the capture but I'm sure it was about the same result, with tires at 20#s instead of 18 - I spun. nos runs of 12.2 tonight.

I will return to the track after vacation - hopefully with an all new exhaust system, sfc's and lca's, and tq arm bushing.