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My NASCAR Racing Driving Experience

This is a great experience that I would suggest to anyone who is a racing fan or driver at heart who wants to know what it feels like to actually strap into a Winston Cup car and drive it around an approved track. I did the "Rookie Experience" at Walt Disney Speedway, Orlando, FL. It was so cool to jump into this 600+ HP car and run it around this Indy raceway built tri-oval track for 8 laps. I drove behind the instructor car, keeping about 3 car lengths distance (as required). My only problem was I did not realize that the instructor had to keep you below a certain speed and they gradually got faster on each lap so it seemed slow to me at times wanting to plant the pedal off the turns but having to back off when I had too much speed. It teaches you about "driving the line" on the track and what it feels like to have that continuous power pull you around the track.  At these lower speeds, you don't have to come off the gas completely on the turns. I had the fastest lap of anyone in my class, winning the "prize", a picture of our class standing in front of one of the cars we raced.

My second time out, I did the Experience twice at Daytona on the high banks. Really Fun! On this experience, they had in car cameras that show multiple views - of you in the car and what you see in front of the car and they create a DVD for you which shows these two views along with your position on the track simultaneously. Cool.

For more info on this or other experiences, they have a website and you can call the 1-800-BE-PETTY phone #.

Here is the picture of my class...  I'm in the middle - with all the losers on both sides of me ;-)

Here I am in the car getting it warmed up for my run...  Yup - all business - ( saving the smiles for later )


And here I am in the Winners Circle...