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These are the pics of my coolant bypass mod. Notice - I cut the hose on the right of the throttlebody and place a rubber cap over the hose. Then, I pulled the hose off of the 3 way metal "T" on the left and capped it as well. It was feeding the coolant into the T-Body. I re-rrouted this hose UNDER the Tbody so that it is out of the way. Third, I use a new piece of hose and joined it to the hose that was cut from the right, extending it up to the metal T on the left. I used a brass coupler and a couple of hose clamps here. That's it! Suppose to add 6 to 8 hp with this mod by keeping the warm coolant out of the throttlebody. This was designed to keep our F-Body cars warmer for winter driving. Since most of our cars are never driven in such temps, it is not needed. In doing this mod this way it was easier than trying to cut the hose close to the left side of the throttle body AND it will be a SNAP to restore back to the stock design.


Throttle Body "Warming" Coolant Bypass      T-Body Bypass 2