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Dodge - Different

I've always wanted to have a "Sporty old" dodge.  I grew up driving Dodge cars and feel at home with the controls,

gauges, interiors and learned to love the "can't kill-ability" of them, driving them all over 100K miles.

The Slant Six, and 318s were my favorite engines. Rust was the worst problem I had, having to drive cars to the junkyard due to rust damage.

Meet my new 1973 Dodge Charger SE - destined to be restored to its former glory

I picked this up on 6/1/2001. The previous owner put lots of time and money into it.

When I found it, it came with lots of new stuff like a new crate chrysler 318 motor with edelbrock carb and performer intake. The SE model originally came with a 318 engine and it makes for a great cruiser so I'm keeping it.  I used less than a half tank gas driving it back from Boston and that included reving it and letting off to break in the new motor. New outlaw II wheels, new performance exhaust system, headers, suspension parts, steering box, floor pans (yet to be welded in), gas tank, new carpet - the only interior piece done... I've got to re-do the entire interior, and the body needs some work and of course - paint. I've decided to change the stock paint color (light blue) to a candy apple red, and add the optional "Go-Wing" spoiler on the trunk. Major things to do on this car are: body work, paint work, floor pans, rebuild tranny, upgrade the old amp meter system, minor engine additions such as electronic choke.

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This is what she looks like pretty much now... Engine Compartment is now painted black and hose covers have been added since these.

Here is the Go-Wing now installed...Yeah- I know she is real dirty here - This was taken as I took her out from winter storage in Spring 2006 and I wanted to get a picture of the wing I put on last year.

Interior has new covers, I have the new headliner but it waits until I paint it..

Here is the new dash pad cover and paint work on the dash, new tach, placement of radio, and fan...

and the touched up plaque and newly satin painted dash glove box, etc...

Compared to how she looked like when I first brought her home...

chargerrightfront.jpg (8231 bytes)

chargerfrontright.jpg (25684 bytes)

more pics