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Dodge - Different

Here are some more pictures of me racing my 1973 Dodge Charger SE at Lebanon Valley Dragway

She was one of the slowest of the day with her beat up transmission unable to shift without the missing shift rod, I Granny shifted it manually from first to second and made the 1/4 mile in two gears with stock rear, stock 14" tires, etc.

She ran a best of 17.087 @ 82.49 mph that day.  She also blew a hole through the upper radiator hose by the clamp, which I fixed at the track by cutting off the end of hose by the clamp.  The next day I got her 904 tranny completely overhauled.

The following year, after the tranny upgrade and a bit of practice that day, I got her down to 16.8s










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