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Meet Gracy!

Our 2005 Honda CR-V EX Auto (4WD) is our latest purchase in Vehicles


New from Plattsburgh, NY Dealer - Shipped to our Albany Dealer with about 600 miles on her.

This is a new color for this year - "Silver Moss Metalic" - or "Grey-Green" although most think it is Grey.

The new year has some new features like the 5 speed Automatic tranny,

which uses a new style 4 wheel drive engagement mechanism (normally runs Front Wheel Drive),

and automatically engages rear wheels when slippage is sensed.

This was a change from 2002-2004 models which sounds like will work better and give better mileage.

It also packs 162 HP, 160 TQ from a little 2.4L 4 cylinder engine and the tach flies up

pretty quickly with the 4.x series rearend gears.

Its pretty peppy for such a heavy vehicle and is getting good gas mileage as well.

Its "pep" is noticed from a stop or lower speed passing.

At highway speeds, the gears take away the torque and there is no HP to move it quickly so we need to allow time.

It is rated at 22 city, 27 highway.

I've got between 21-30 MPG so far in mixed driving and the first real "mostly highway"

test will come up with our vacation 5 hour drive.

On this drive I got about 28 MPG and that was running the A/C and about 75-85 MPH and Fully loaded from vacation.

If has many other nice features standard this year like side, front and curtain airbags, Vehicle Safety Assist...

To see everything, go to

Safety ratings were highest in class which was #1 reason for buying.

I liked that it has a frame based on the CIVIC car and as such has the flexibility and stability

of its unibody frame without the rigidity and roll-over feel I've felt in other SUVs.


So far additions I have made since purchase are a WeatherTech rear area cover which is a very nice piece.

Also, have picked up and installed Honda wheel locks for all 5 wheels, Honda cargo net, Honda front mud flaps.

I installed a set of black MANIK Side bars which look really nice but we are still getting the hang of using them.

There is about an inch or so adjustibility in horizontal placement to play with. Here are what they look like. I have an extra set of these - brand new - still in box. If interested - email me.

I thought the steering wheel seemed slippery to me, so I added a leather feel (slip on) cover.

I had one of these on my Daytona and loved that it keeps the wheel from being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Most recently I got some back up sensors from eBay, and installed these with the help of the directions for the Honda sensors.

I did have some problems with getting these sensors to work correctly since they are the type that stick onto the bumpers

and they tend to pickup the rear spare tire as an object unless mounted in the perfect positions. I also found the speaker quite loud,

and I ended up muffling it too much, so I'll have to take things apart to let it be louder.

I bought an LED unit for it as well which helps by telling you which sensor is picking up the objects behind you

and supposedly how far away they are in cm, although it was a cheap piece and it doesn't always show the correct #s -

showing some digits upside down for instance.

I mounted the sensor unit and speaker under the driver side rear panel, patching into the two wires for the backup lights and mounted the LED unit on top of the passenger side rear panel which can be seen (by short me) when right rear seat is reclined slightly. I mounted the two sensors on the rear bumper using included 2 sided stick pieces.

As objects get closer, the beeping gets quicker, then solid tone,

and the LED goes solid and displays "NO" when you are within about 6-10"s so not bad for $30.

My next additions are in the "Bar Work" department - I got the Westin Safari Light bar with free 4" round lights from Summit Racing

Here is the light bar with the twin lights installed.

The light bar should help a bit up front and yet it stays out of the way in case of a real accident when the airbag sensors on top

would need to activate in a normal timely manner. The two lights ($Free$ - Summit had a special), should work as fog lights since they are lower to the ground than the stock ones being on the bar, and I can aim them down a bit too. The front safary light bar went on fine but the template for cutting the underside plastic piece was not accurate so I had to improvise.

The lights mounted fine, but one light had the wrong connector on it so I had to change that to fit, and the holes on the bar were larger than the light mounts were set up for so with some washers, I got them to hold. There was a little kick out plate for the lighted switch on the driver dash so it was easy to find the place to mount the switch, and after a little hunting found the right place to drill through the firewall for the wiring. They work great and are very bright. I'll get some pictures up in the spring when I get her cleaned up.

I also got the WAAG Rear Bumper gaurd for her. The CRVs don't do well in the Government's "Bumper Bash" tests so I thought

that a little extra help from the bars may help in the low speed accidents like someone skidding into the back of you in the snow.


I installed the rear bumper gaurd quickly and pretty easily. I just had to slide the muffler off the hangers to let it drop as in directions, and take time lining it up. Only problem was getting one of the screws into the frame rail since the muffler was in the way.

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