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Hummer - "Like Nothing Else"

H3 - 2008

This is about Josey's New Hummer H3 which we bought in 10/07. It is in a new color for 2008, Graphite Metallic - otherwise known as "Grey"

It has a sunroof, power driver seat, Automatic tranny, and brush gaurd bars from the dealer. We added black step bars we found online and added those ourselves. She wanted as little chrome as possible so I found black bars.

It is a very comfortable ride and we drove it through countrysides and city type driving quickly. It handles great and is actually quite a quiet ride as well. You can't even hear outside the car when somone inside is talking. Sound proofed very well for a truck. After a couple tanks of gas, we have averaged 18.3 and 19 MPG for mixed type driving.

Here are some pictures...

Baby Tank next to Gracy the CRV

They both have a front brush / light bar but that is where the similarity ends.

Visit for all the information

Here is Baby Tank on a nice fall day as we picked apples.

You can park anywhere with one of these. This pictures shows the new steps on it.


The off road pictures with her covered in mud show the bars removed for more clearance. The dealer pulled them off and put them back on for us :-)

At 2 weeks old, we took it out with the Hummer dealership on an off-roading venture through a local area stone quarry. This was amazing.

Here is Josey in the Hummer after our first ride through the course chatting with the other Hummer owners.

It was very muddy having rained hard the day before.

We drove through two feet of mud to get up a hill as our first challenge and it only got more challenging from there. Logs, boulders, 60% grade mountains with blind drop offs and tight turns and angles.

My bride must really love me to let me do this to her new Hummer :-)

Thank you Josey!

Here is my proud bride, Josey with her Hummer back at our house after the off roading. I took hours washing out mud from it, and then a car wash did some more work on it, and then I spray waxed it to give it some protection again.
An SUT is one of our favorite styles and if it weren't for the price and the gas mileage we would have got one of them instead.

Our H3 stands in all its muddy glory next to its kid sister, Gracy.

Some Cool Specs:

5 Cylinder Vortec Engine

Tows: 4500 LBS

HP: 242, TQ: 242

Weight 4,700 LBS

OnStar System: Free 1 Yr.

Now has Verizon Wireless so its only $10 to add the Hummer's phone number.


This was an exhilerating experience. Hopefully I can get an old used one to do this with next time.

Josey got tired of all the dirt on it from day to day driving so thanks to the Hummer Forum I found a real nice set of Husky Front Mud Flaps for it and installed them today. They look great and should make a big difference. I'll get a pic up of them next. They were easy to install with just turning the wheels once to the side.