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Below, I am working on the rear of the intake, so I jumped into the car

(Well not exactly the normal way) to better reach them.

          Me Inside My Nova - Working on rockers

Here are some pics of about how she is looking now. The blower is finally on and I'm waiting for another throttle cable bracket before I strap down the new Holley 750 cfm Double Pumper. I have to get some other things like hose for vac lines and a smaller diameter throttle kickdown stud. I will hopefully pick that stuff on wednesday and get the Jeg's order in some time this week. I also ordered a new B&M Torque converter that should provide a 2700 stall speed for better take offs and a MSD 6a ignition to better fire up the plugs with the blower and keep the plugs from fouling if I'm blowing some oil.

Nova B&M Blower      More Blower

Here it is with the blower belt on. I had to replace my 1.5" spacer with a 2" spacer to get my stock fan to clear the idler arm. I reinstalled the fan shroud, fan, and radiator after the belt at this point. Then I finished the alternator, water pump bypass hoses, etc. I had to install the alternator bracket on top of the thermostat cap. I hope everytihng holds. I installed a new 160 degree thermostat to hopefully keep it cooler than the 180 I took out, along with a new gasket but I used no sealant.

The blower is on

I will get more pictures, don't worry!  right now everything is back together accept the new carb and linkages and fuel line. I also ordered new plug wire holders. So, I will hook them up to my valve covers to keep them clear of the headers.

Nova   Aint she beautiful?   Other Side

Well the plug wire holders help a little but they are not quite the right thing either. This is the 3 angles of the final slap together on 5/6/99. I have to fabricate something for the tranny kickdown bracket since my cable was not long enough to reach the bracket mounted on the carb on top of the blower. I will run it temporarily without the cable if I have to until I find the right hardware to mount it lower than the after market Russel bracket mount is located. Time for last time around checks of connections, and fill her up with oil, EOS oil additive from GM for break in, and coolant/water. Then - hold my breath, and try to start her up... 

Here is what I did today - 5/9/99 I used 2 2" 90 degree brackets from hardware store to create a tranny kickdown bracket. I also painted the front grill and ceiling black and replaced the air filter after cleaning it up a bit  On the left side, you can see the remote solenoid I installed on 5/16/99. This was needed to prevent another "Run-on" ignition situation. It worked.

 Nova's Remote solenoid & throttle bracket       

See pics of the new fiberglass hood and airbox I received 5/13/99

For the horror stories, Continue ON!

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