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My Lil’ Demon


1993 Firebird Formula


Third Owner

Still Restoring & Improving

My "Everyday Driver" and "Weekend Romper"

Engine: 350 (8 Cylinder) LT1 MPFI (original stock with 35k)

Exhaust: Dynomax Muffler, FlowTech Race Ready Exhaust Dump, Converter Bypassed, original 2 " pipe.

Air Intake: NOS 150 hp (Dry Nitrous Oxide) shot with 10# tank, Pressure gauge,

                heating pad and extension cord hooked into Power Inverter,

                Remote bottle opener, K & N Cold Air Induction with Cone filter, Hypertech Air Charger,

                T-Body Warming Coolant Bypassed

Fuel:     TPIS Adjustable Fuel Regulator, 24# Bosch pyntle injectors

Ignition: Accel 300+ Digital Multi-spark Racing Ignition & High output coil,

                  TPIS Racing wires, Champion 2-degree colder plugs

With .010 smaller gap (for NOS), Knock Sensor Bypass Switch

Cooling: 160o thermostat, Manual override fan switch installed with diode,

                    Heat shield around the starter, solenoid and tranny cooling lines

Differential: 3.73 GM Ring & Pinion Gears (Replacing the stock 3.23 gears)

& Tranny       All new rearend bearings, etc. SLP 2700 Stall Torque converter

Traction:      4 new Firestone SZ50s (Indy wet racing tire) for street use,

                       2 BFG Drag Radials mounted on stock rims for track use.

Computer: Diacom Computer software with Toshiba laptop, G-Tech Pro.

Gauges: Intellitronix Digital Fuel Pressure and Air/Fuel Mixture in pod on A-Pillar

Security: Pass II Ignition Key (Stock), Multi - Level Talking Alarm System, Locking gas cap 

Misc:     Lightweight Foglights (< 1 pound for both)


- - - DEMON TALK - - -

My twin brothers and sisters: 3,984 Formulas in 1993

(First year of 4th Gen)

Favorite Song: "My Lil’ Demon, Telling Me What To Do", Fleetwood Mac.

Currently in Possession of: Jeff Dorr

My Driver is affiliated with:

Dead End Cruizers,

POCI ( Pontiac Oakland Club International )

Trans Am/Z28 Enthusiasts





Approximate hp: 475

Stock hp: 275


1998 Test & Tunes: Original GS-C tires

Stock: 14.45 @ 95 mph


1999 Test & Tunes: All mods and new tires, drag radials, etc.

Drag Radials (Engine Only): 13.216 @ 103.9 on 10/30/99

Drag Radials (Bottle Feed): 12.062 @ 115 on 10/9/99


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