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Some of the Car Shows Attended in 1999 (Lil' Demon)                             My Home Page

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Date        Location                                               Entry or Awards    ( Click on Date for more info & pics )

5/16/99     Prospect Mt. Lake George, NY      First Place in Firebird/Camaro 1982 to present

5/22/99    Mariaville, NY - Elks Club               Hot Day!

6/5/99      Schenectady Vale Park                      Discovered that car polishes & washes make my hands blow up!

6/27/99    Capital District Chevy Club               Cool cars

7/?/99      Weekend Wanderers                         First Place - Hot Day!

8/8/99      Pontiac Day @ LVD                          Runner Up - fun day at the track with fast Pontiacs

10/30/99 New Country Auto's Halloween Show   Won a top 20 prize for the car dress up contest.. We dressed her up like Christmas tree with a tree on top, and a wreath on the side flashing lights, and bows, and a talking / singing christmas tree.